Reasons Why Water Is Key For Muscle Building


Have ever thought of not taking your water bottle when going to the gym? Here is why you should never think about that! Here are some intriguing facts to contemplate. Athletes invest hours and hours building their muscles in the right fashion. Obviously, a dedicated hard work is involved as well. You may or may not have heard that drinking water while training can ease the hard work you execute to get strong muscles. Researchers have proven that drinking a specific amount of water as suggested by specialists, aid in developing huge muscles! This article clarifies further about this, read ahead.

Muscle Pump: Following the American College of Sports Medicine, it is advisable to drink 600ml of water before working out and also, it claims that it needs at least 1200ml of water for adequate hydration during a one-hour workout. Explained by the fact that, when workouts are finished, in order to keep blood pressure and right blood circulation, a proper amount of water intake is obligatory. If not enough water taken during workouts, body vessels, water from muscles causing incorrect muscle pump and bad consequences for workouts.
More Energy: During workouts, if the body doesn’t find the needed amount of energy to be used, it creates post workout tiredness and exhaustion. This lead to absorbing glycogen stored in muscles for energy utilization, resulting the reduction in muscle growth. Hence, it is necessary to take the required amount of water throughout the workouts to avoid this kind of conditions.
Boosts Muscle: Growth After doing intense research, Journal of strength and Conditioning have terminated that 1.5% dehydration tends to reduce muscle strength of one rep. When your repetition count goes down, it impacts the muscle growth in size and strength. So, bear in mind that the more you get dehydrated, the more you lose as regards muscle development.
Avoid Muscle Breakdown: Studies prove that one should sustain a good protein synthesis in the body for superior muscle growth. Water intake prohibits less muscle breakdown by avoiding shrinking of muscle cells and ultimately maintaining a protein synthesis.
Better Exercise Performance: Specifically for athletes, fatigue is a main issue during workouts. Well, one of the prime reasons behind fatigue is, the less water intake. Studies have found that it is great to drink a cup of water in every 15 minutes during your workouts. This will supports in avoiding fatigue and for a better active workout session.
Joints Flexibility: It is a regular case among athletes to experience joint injuries. Not enough intake of water is the main cause for this, which causes problems in synovial fluid in the joints making the joints exposed to more injuries. Keep in mind that joints take the vigorous movement during workouts. Therefore, make sure to protect your joints.
Prevent Muscle: Cramps Muscle cramps are harrowing, especially during workouts. It produces an unnecessary stress on you. Keep on drinking water and it will inhibit you from this fear. Water aids in removing metabolic byproducts from the body. If you don’t drink enough water, your muscles will engage causing cramps. It is an overall recommendation to drink more than 3.5 liters while workouts. Keep on drinking water constantly to get rid of bad experiences while working out.