How To Start Off Your Fitness Journey Right


If you don’t know where to start on your body transformation, here’s how to properly implement fitness in your daily life, regardless your goal!

Define your goal: You need to define and write down your final physical objective. Also, how you’d like to look. Including your weight, body fat, and overall any physical improvements you’d like to accomplish. Now separate it by 3. That’s approximately your 90-day target which will help you to get you a third of the way to your goal.
Invest time for your health: Working out one hour every day that doesn’t mean you’ll be in the gym every day of the week, but attempt to get a bit of some physical activities. Even if it’s a walk with your friends or a dog walk. If you’re new to the world of fitness, start with ten to twenty minute workouts to help you adapt.
Discover what you like: weight lifting is the best way to make great physical improvements to your body. Sadly, not everyone like lifting weights. The most essential factor of long-term success with working out is how much you like an activity. Select something you like to make by exercising a fun thing. As a newbie anything you pick will be hard for you, but results will be shown after your first week.
Have a company: Try to start with a friend of yours that has a similar objective as you. Training with a friend can help you not to skip your workouts. Also, it’s motivating for you, which will benefit you both to push harder and go for long gym sessions.
Don’t compare yourself to others: preferably, compare yourself to you the last two weeks. If you can see some improvements weekly, you’re doing good and making progress. Set a goal to develop yourself 5-10 percent versus you last year. It’s kind of harsh idea to try compare ourselves to professional athletes when it comes to physical appearance who may have been training their whole life. What these athletes have in common is they determined to get better every day and kept going.
Be patient: Many people may drop out of their transformation journey because they do not see improvements faster. However, physiological adaptations happen gradually. You may not see results in your first week or month, but surely will see results in your third month. That’s why you should stay motivated and committed at least for three months when starting your transformation journey. Then, you can compare yourself to what you were looking like.
Slow and steady: Have you ever heard this saying “it’s not a race it’s a marathon “! Same goes with your transformation journey, and fitness in general. Working out 3 hours hoping to build muscles fast can do more damage to your body. Take your time and find your own rhythm, and take it easy. Stick to your program and get  one-hour sessions daily, and results will appear. Also, you won’t get burned out if you do one-hour workouts.