All You Need To Know About Hot Yoga


Popular in recent years. Now, every yoga studio seems to provide opportunities for sweating back. Are you skeptical of this fitness trend? Why not let us give you an overview. With hot yoga, you can get additional benefits from high-temperature exercise, such as increased flexibility and sometimes weight loss, to get all the conventional benefits of yoga. If you are looking for a challenging exercise method that can increase your sweating buckets and stretch your muscles and bones, then please try hot yoga!

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is essentially a form of yoga practice in a warm and humid studio. Yoga itself is a series of spiritual, spiritual and physical skills that originated in India three thousand years ago. The activity is said to bring peace and harmony to the body and mind through a series of strengthening and stretching postures.

After this form of exercise was introduced to the West in the last century, various modern derivative products have been produced, the most recent of which is hot yoga. If you have never tried it before, practicing yoga in a high-temperature studio may sound strange, but once you know that the idea originated from the desire to replicate the weather conditions in India, it becomes more meaningful.

Now on the practical side: hot yoga is performed in a heated room, usually at a temperature between 80°F (28°C) and 105°F (41°C). The humidity in the studio is also set to a higher humidity level (usually around 40%). These conditions obviously promote sweating, and practitioners believe that sweating helps eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system.

The Benefits Of Hot Yoga

There is a reason why hot yoga is so popular these days. In fact, there is more than one. Hot yoga connects the effects of regular yoga with the additional benefits of practicing in a heated room.
Hot yoga can help:

Flexibility: Hot yoga is a great way to stretch deep muscles and improve overall flexibility. The body will be much better when it is warm. With the heat in the room, the muscles will tend to soften and bend deeper. This also means that excessive stretching may hurt yourself more easily, so please don’t forget to always pay attention to your body and its movements.
Weight loss: Yoga is a wonderful exercise that will help you develop muscles and improve metabolism. If you want to burn fat while adjusting your muscles, hot yoga may be the solution. Calories make exercise and posture more challenging and help you burn more calories. Studies have also confirmed this, showing that a 90-minute hot yoga class can consume an average of 330 calories for women. It’s not bad, right?
Heart health: Hot yoga will naturally improve your heart rhythm. Calories force the heart to beat faster, thereby providing better cardiovascular exercise and burning more calories. Some studies have shown that a single yoga session can make the heart beat as much as a brisk walk. Next time you need to add some aerobic exercise to your life, consider trying a hot yoga class.
Stress relief: People often practice yoga for physical benefits, but it also has an impact on mental health. Due to the focus on relaxation, breathing and self-awareness, yoga is often a way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. New research now shows that hot yoga can also calm people’s minds and work miracles to relieve stress and reduce symptoms of depression.
Skin health: Room temperature will open your skin pores. Through sweating, the skin can remove some toxins and clean itself. Sweating at high temperatures can also promote blood circulation and ultimately bring more blood to skin cells (thus increasing oxygen). This helps nourish the skin and give it a special glow.