9 Different Types Of Yoga


They are different types of yoga, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s go over some of the different types of yoga you might encounter, and then practice. Whether you are a gym member, a student in a yoga studio, or you like to practice in the comfort of your own home, it is important to know which yoga style suits your preferences and needs.

To figure it out, ask yourself: What do I want to learn from yoga practice? Do you want to reduce stress, meditate, stretch or sweat? Do you like continuous exercise or do you want to maintain your posture for a long time? Read each style below to decide which style is best for you.

1. Bikram Yoga Or Hot Yoga

If you like Ashtanga’s sound, you might also like Bikram. Every Bikram class has the same posture for 90 minutes, so you will always know your way out. One of the main differences you can guess from the name-the classroom is very warm (usually around 105°F, humidity 40%). Similar to Bikram, but less rigid is a general hot yoga course, usually a Vinyasa style process. The heated yoga class heats up your body quickly, giving you strong motivation and deepening your posture from the start.

2. Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga classes are great for beginners because they are usually slower than other types of yoga. If you are trying yoga for the first time, start with Hatha, expose yourself to body postures and inject some spirituality and meditation.

3. HIIT Yoga

HIIT Yoga is the latest adaptation of yoga. It combines ancient practice with the modern mania for high-intensity interval training. HIIT yoga exercises basically sound like – a combination of yoga poses are broken down by HIIT exercises, such as climbers or people with high knees.

4. Iyengar Yoga

Founded by B.K.S., Iyengar, this yoga focuses on alignment and precision. In the Iyengar class, expect your body to be challenged because your coach will help you perfect your posture and deepen each posture. You will use props, building blocks, yoga straps, blankets, and even ropes fixed to the wall as tools to align your body correctly.

5. Kundalini Yoga

If you are looking for a more spiritualbut still physical exercisethe Kundalini style is worth a try. The practice strikes a balance between mental and physical practiceand focuses on releasing the “kundalini energy” trapped in the body. Expect a fast pacedo a lot of core workand try different Pranayama exercises. Ohdon’t be surprised if there is chantingsinging or meditation.

6. Prenatal Yoga

Mom, this is for you! Regardless of whether you have practiced yoga or not, it is important to attend prenatal yoga classes if there are babies on the way. Your prenatal yoga instructor will explain which poses and exercises you can safely perform as the pregnancy progresses, and can also help you learn valuable breathing exercises, including 1) childbirth and 2) parenting.

7. Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is restorative yoga. In a classic restorative course, you will use props such as blankets, pillows, belts and wooden blocks. Relax your body into a more relaxed posture, thereby slowly and slowly releasing stress. In a 60- or 90-minute recovery class, expect to only do some postures and spend a lot of time meditating or breathing exercises.

8. Yin Yoga

Yin is a slow-paced yoga with many sitting positions that can be maintained for a long time (i.e. a few minutes). If you want to stretch your muscles and bones, then Yin Yoga is the best place for you! Let gravity do most of the work, and you will leave the classroom feeling very relaxed.

9. Vinyasa Yoga

The goal of Vinyasa Yoga is the stiffness and tension caused by all sitting positions in modern society. The style and sequence may vary, depending on the studio or instructor, but most vinyasa processes are sporty and are designed to increase the strength and flexibility of the yogi. In the vinyasa yoga class, expect smooth movements and connect each posture with the next posture with breathing, just like dancing! Then, once the body warms up, you can maintain a deep stretch for a long time.